• Sectors

    Cymantis is a full range Cybersecurity Consulting firm that has served

    all major industries in meeting their data security needs

  • Government

    Cymantis has supported federal and state government agencies comply with a the full range of cybersecurity Compliance requirements as well as help protect against threats, train personnel, and implement enterprise security strategies


    Cymantis has supported small, medium and large organizations in the healthcare space, including the largest medicare processing organizations in the country. Cymantis has been pivotal in maintaining compliance with HipAA and NIST Special Publication 800-53


    Cymantis has provided regulatory compliance, threat vector identification, network penetration testing, and social engineering to major energy organizations operating in the us


    Cymantis has supported cybersecurity compliance and threat vector identification for several large financial institutions including the world bank


    Cymantis has supported higher education institutions in complying with federal cybersecurity requirements in order to maintain or obtain funding for grants and research


    Cymantis routinely supports law firms in digital forensic and data reconnaissance initiatives to identify the missing link in case work and investigations. Cymantis has also internally supported legal firms to bolster internal security and protect client data


    Cymantis provides startups and early stage companies with cybersecurity strategies that maximize data protection and allow for organization growth and compliance


    Cymantis helps blockchain based organizations audit smart contract code and adopt non-blockchain based cybersecurity principles into their applications and network technology stacks

    Mergers and acquisitions

    Cymantis helps equity firms evaluate cybersecurity risks that exist within potential acquisition candidates